Medical ID Bracelets, Labels, Wristbands & Automation

Metropolitan Data Solutions offers a great selection of Medical ID bracelets, cialis sale labels and wristbands. Our wide variety offers customers many ways to accurately and automatically track medical records and identify patients. Healthcare facilities can find precisely what they are looking for with these legible, generic tamper-proof ID wristbands which come in sizes that range from Adult to Infant. All wristbands are long-lasting, pilule waterproof, tear proof and scratch proof. They have a large area to place a label with patients name, account numbers, multiple bar codes or color photos. Alert clasps available for select wristbands with allergy, fall risk, DNR, no latex and limb alert alerts.

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Direct Thermal Wristbands

These durable wristbands which are resistant to tearing are available in clasp and adhesive closure. Adult and pediatric sizes available with optional alert clasps to be added to the strap of any snap wristband. Available in 6 colors these wristbands are flexible and comfortable with three sizes of 1”, 1.5” and 3”.

Color-coded Alert Wristbands

These color-coded alert wristbands meet hospital association guidelines for color-code alert standardization. Lightweight and comfortable, these wristbands are available in narrow or regular polyester clasp closure and adhesive closure.

Blood Band Wristbands

These wristbands are ideal for healthcare facilities looking to prevent fatal errors involving blood samples. They provide an exclusive, randomly provided patient identification number to make sure patients and blood samples are correctly identified.

Protective Shield Style Wristbands

They feature a laminating shield that protects patient information. It is available in adult, pediatric and infant sizes along with 8 colors to choose from. Meeting all standardization guidelines, these wristbands provide a lightweight and comfortable design.

TenderCare Thermal Newborn ID System

This system makes sure that newborns are properly identified and linked to the parents. It provides accurate and fast printing with support for text, barcodes, photo ID and graphics.