Central Issuance

Our Central Issuance solutions enable you to create and produce high volume card issuance systems.

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Our solutions include card production, personalized smart card management, purchase inline card delivery, exceptional supplies and MDS expert services.

This solution creates a personalized card affixed, online folded, inserted in envelope and ready for mailing  to the desired location.  These ultra-secure machines have multiple advanced security features.  Central Issuance machines are ideal for financial institutions, governments, retailers, service bureaus and other card issuers with the need to print high volumes of a wide range of cards.

These systems have modular capabilities to allow user to select current needs with the possibility of growth for new technologies.


Datacard® MX1100™ card issuance system is designed to allow organizations to take an initial step into centralized card issuance. Personalize up to 600 cards an hour and buy cheap cialis online choose from multiple configurations. This entry level solution allows the purchase zithromax user to create an entire card-to-envelope solution with the option of card delivery.


The ultimate high end central issuance card system is made to handle new security threats along with high customer expectations. The MX6100™ delivers the most powerful inline solution for secure, high volume card programs. With the ability to print up to 1,500 cards per hour and comprehensive security, this system has it all.


This is an envelope insertion system that makes producing personalized card mailings quick and easy. In a seamless inline process it makes the process secure and efficient. It creates up to 3,000 card mailings per hour while enhancing security by completing the entire card fulfillment process inline.


This mid-level central card issuance system is the best solution for those trying to balance cost verses capabilities. This issue can create some difficult trade-offs but now you can compromise long-term profitability for short-term savings. It personalizes up to 1,200 cards an hour and offers the capability of true field modularity. You can start off with what you need today with the possibility of adding features and capacity as your operation grows.

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