Visitor Management

No matter how you would like to secure your business facility or school we have a solution for you.Keep track of employees with attendance tracking systems and card key access systems.
We have solutions to track visitors, vendors, volunteers, members & students, among other things.Every business, school and organization should be secure and visitors usually pose the greatest risk to security.
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Account for all visitors with expiring visitor badges, so they can’t come back the next day. Know where your students are or should be at all times with Student Track. There is a need today to provide proper identification for the organization you are affiliated with or working for and we will help provide that identification and cheap viagra cialis solutions for you.

About Our ID Card System for Farmingdale, NY:

OneCard™ Systems

Open Track Plus™

Open Track Plus™ is a easy to use solution for membership management and activity tracking. It allows you to capture enrollment information in a complete membership database, with the ability to track activities with your organization and visits. Any information you would like to be collected can be stored.

Through the point of entry, Open Track Plus provides an efficient member check-in process. This software allows you to create daily sales reports and track the sale of different pass types and membership options. Identify the member at check-in through a photo ID membership card with or without barcode or other various ways.

Campus OneCard™

Campus OneCard™ Systems will help you elevate your campus services while lowering your costs. This solution takes your campus ID card to the next level by making it multi-functional. This automated payment solution turns a normal campus ID card into a no-fee, FDIC-insured, stored-value card that will allow student to pay for everything using the card.

Help generate revenue and student excitement for your campus while simultaneously increasing student convenience. Make deals with local merchants with the off-campus merchant program. Help create a safe housing environment, easy dining experience, cash free alternative for vending and laundry, and enhance your activities and events.

People Track Visitor Management

You want to make sure that everyone is safe and secure on your premises and one way to do that is to know everyone who visits. With People Track Visitor Management you can accomplish that with this easy to use solution. This solution will help you become more secure and efficient with your visitor registration process.

You can scan and capture visitor information from driver’s license or any other identification form and instantaneously run a background check at the same time. Compatible with Magstripe, Barcode and Biometric scanning you can track through IDs.

School Track

School Track™ is a quick and easy way to track students.  Enroll your students in an extensive database which allows user access to important information.  School Track™ does a lot more than track students attendance and tardiness but also allows you to track use of library, weight room, cafeteria, after school activities and any other school facilities.

Easy to install and create reports, School Track™ can run on a computer in the main office or be set up at multiple locations.  A mobile unit is also available to scan students walking in the hallway during class hours to reduce mischief.

Campus Track

Campus Track helps you control and monitor activity and privileges while keeping a verifiable attendance record to improve campus security. Configured to store and maintain data from various departments it can help manage traffic flow in and out of various facilities. Use in unison with campus photo ID cards to keep track of labs, events, entrance to campus facilities, athletic or scientific equipment. Campus Track can also help keep dorms safe and secure.

Expiring Badges and Guest IDs

Stop visitors & guests from re-using badges when they enter your facilities. A red stop sign bleeds through this badge after 12 hours to prevent someone from entering at a later date without permission.

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Badgepass and Visitor Manager

This fast and simple, user friendly solution is a great way to track everyone coming and going from your facility. Scan a visitors ID and this software will populate the new visitor enrollment screen automatically.

After the information is scanned into the system you can instantly print a visitor badge. Visitor can be scanned through the national sex offender check. Print them a visitor badge or a QuickPass card, which would be integrated with Access Control, allowing them permission to certain parts of the facility.

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SMARTREG Enrollment System

Helps make the process of collecting customer or employee information much simpler while increasing the accuracy of the information collected. Enrollment time becomes dramatically reduced from eliminating the need to manually enter information. Simply swipe the driver’s license and let the SmartReg Enrollment system gather your information.

Badgepass Access Control

BadgePass Access Control will help control the flow of people into and out of a building. Simplify your process of managing access to your facility while creating a more secure workplace. Issue secure credentials and then with BadgePass Access Control you can control facility access in one easy to use, integrated process. Create security groups and schedules that govern how a user can access the physical property.


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Video Surveillance

Help keep an eye on your facility with the latest in IP camera technology. View live feed simultaneously from multiple locations on a single display. You can also access video from the server, web browser or smart phone. This simple solution requires little user training. Supports over 300 camera models from 30 manufacturers to capture, review and store the feed from your cameras.

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