Stay ahead of the competition and stand out with our gift card and retail card programs.

Here at Metropolitan Data Solutions, patient we have the ability to offer an easy and affordable way to deliver gift cards to increase your revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

Make unique cards that are true to your brand and help drive revenue for your company.


reliable & safe

Design and Print

Design and print your cards then add value to it with the ability to revalue the card and produce reports.


Track the money spent store visits, sildenafil expiration dates and more with our systems

Capture Information

Capture the information to store in a database

Store Information Securely

Our systems also have the ability to capture the information to a database

How We Can Help:

Gift and Prepaid Cards

Draw in customers and create revenue with unique and impressive gift cards and prepaid cards

Loyalty Cards

Reward loyal customers with perks, search discounts, points or whatever else you would like to give as a bonus

State of the Art

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