RFID and Proximity Cards

Metropolitan Data Solutions provides secure, smart contactless and proximity card technologies for reliable access for your facility. We offer a wide variety of card technologies to meet any number of issuance or verification needs. Our contactless smart ID and proximity cards can also be quickly integrated into existing security systems.

ISG™ Proximity Cards

We offer a complete line of cost-effective proximity cards as well as clamshell prox cards, key fobs, prox wristbands, adhesive prox tags, sticky discs, in a variety of bit formats including HID Corporate 1000.

Contactless Smart Cards

We offer extremely reliable and secure contactless smart cards and card readers. Rather than using open transmission protocols, our cards and readers utilize high security data. Each message between card and reader uses three layers of protection: data encryption, message authentication coding, and mutual authentication to ensure complete data integrity. We also offer MIFARE Classic cards, MIFARE EV1 & EV2 cards, HID iCLASS® cards, the new HID iCLASS® Seos™ cards, and others, for physical and logical access control and identity verification. In addition, we provide the hardware and software applications for reading/encoding, issuance and tracking of these cards.

Contact Chip Cards

We offer a wide range of high-quality, industry standard contact chip smart cards which include a visible metal smart chip on its surface. The integrated circuits in the chip are y useful in applications that require storage of secure data on a card, such as cardholder biometric info, or with two-factor authentication services to verify identity.