Education K-12

Education: K - 12

Every parent wants to be assured that their child is safe wherever they are getting their education.

Likewise, every educational institute wants to make sure their school is secure and efficient as possible while keeping the budget in mind.

We also offer solutions that allow for the tracking of classroom and field trip attendance.  Schools of all sizes can take advantage of this technology to create a convenient and flexible environment for students and staff while managing their budget.

Every facility has their own unique needs and here at Metropolitan Data Solutions we can work with you to help meet those needs.  With our expertise in this field along with our local sales and service, you can help create this affordable and safe environment at your educational facility.

Range of Benefits

Expert Advice
Students and Staff
Visitor Management
Secure ID Cards
Budget Friendly

MDS can help you with:

Easily identify faculty and staff by issuing ID cards and school color lanyards.

Keep your school safe with visitor badges while running optional scan through sex offender database.

Allow students and staff access to certain areas of your facility at an administrator’s discretion.

Allow students to purchase lunch and school store items through their student ID card.