Colleges and Universities

MDS provides colleges and universities across the United States with high quality photo ID solutions and top notch customer support. Our goal is to assist these institutions in providing students and faculty with easy access to campus amenities. Our IDs are used for multiple purposes, including identification, food purchases, library and computer entry, bookstore purchases, on-campus laundry services and more.  By providing one card that can be used to meet all of the needs of students and staff, the college or university can provide a more streamlined system while reducing the risk of lost, stolen or malfunctioning identification cards.

We constantly strive to expand the number of services offered at MDS to meet the needs of the institutions. By providing colleges with multi-functional cards, we allow the college to keep costs down while allowing for easier access to buildings and amenities. We are always informed of new trends in the photo ID market and will provide our customers with the most advanced technologies. Our goal is always to lower expenses, increase efficiency and improve on-campus safety.