ID Software

Datacard ID Centre

Datacard® IDCentre™ identification software is flexible, extremely easy to use and available in four upgradeable editions, from the entry level Lite, through Bronze and Silver, to the enterprise level Gold, and offers a standalone, verification-only license called View. 

Datacard WEB ID

Datacard WebID is web-based software which enables identification information to be accessed anywhere for a variety of applications. Various applications include distributed card issuance, remote data capture, member tracking application, and loyalty programs.

Datacard Tru Credential

Datacard Tru Credential is web based software which enables you to efficiently design, manage and produce secure ID cards and credentials for a variety of applications to meet the unique needs of your organization. TruCredential does not require individual workstation software or USB dongles. It also includes powerful smart card read and write capabilities and is a true enterprise-level ID software platform. TruCredential is available in ExpressPlusProfessional and Enterprise editions.

Card Exchange

Card Exchange Software enables you to easily create, encode, and issue identification cards. Card Exchange is available in the following upgradeable editions:

  • Premium: Entry-Level ID badging solution to create basic IDs
  • Professional: Supports use of MS Access database connections, offers connections to multiple database columns, and storage of photos and images in your database.
  • Business: High-level database connectivity and capability to store photos, signatures, and images in multiple databases.
  • Enterprise: fully-featured software that includes contactless encoding standards like MIFARE® Classic and DESFire EV1.

CardExchange is also available in 3 network editions called Small Business Server. These platforms allow you to store all your card layouts, database connections, and printer settings in one location making them available for all your users.

BadgePass™ Identity Manager????

BadgePass Identity Manager enables you to manage identities throughout multiple applications by providing a single point of enrollment, credential issuance, and identity management across all BadgePass modules. BadgePass badging software includes built in Door Access Control software at no charge. Simply add the necessary hardware and readers to create a powerful access control system. Visitor Management and Time Manager modules can also be easily added.

Image Capture Devices

AutoCam E300 Elite Camera

The AutoCam E300 is a photo ID camera which offers live video preview and operator-controlled pan, tilt and zoom functionality. Other features include auto-positioning to frame an image, along with click, drag and release to move the camera to any location immediately.

AutoCam Z100 Zoom Camera

The Autocam Z100 offers high resolution image capture with full zoom control using a mouse or keyboard. The camera provides a combination of quality, consistency and speed for enhancing your photo ID card program.

CV50 Photo ID Camera

The CV50 USB Photo ID Camera offers a reliable and flexible solution for capturing high quality images. Using WDM or TWAIN, the camera can integrate with most identification software applications, and unlike consumer cameras, the CV50 is built for long-term, high-volume use.

CV24 Photo ID Camera

The CV24 is a very compact, reliable camera for capturing high quality images. Using WDM, TWAIN or DirectX/DirectShow, the camera integrates with most photo ID software applications, is built for high-volume usage.

CV20 Photo ID Camera

The CV20 Photo ID Camera is the perfect solution for cost-conscious customers that need a durable, reliable camera. It is very compact and captures high quality photos using WDM, TWAIN or DirectX/DirectShow and integrates with most photo ID software applications.

Signature Capture

The Datacard® Signature Pointe™ is a software and hardware solution which enables  you to capture, store and print electronic signatures. The signature pad features an interactive LCD that allows users to see their handwriting as they sign, which minimizes  errors. The integrated Signature Pointe™ software manages your entire electronic signature database.