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K-12 Education

Metropolitan Data Solutions offers a platform of school safety and ID management solutions for building attendance, classroom attendance, hallway monitoring, large group attendance, bus attendance, secure door access control, visitor management, point-of-sale and one card convenience.

Colleges and Universities

Metropolitan Data Solution offers a campus card solution which enables colleges and universities  to issue student and staff identification cards that can be used for purchases, meal plans, dorm access, class attendance, attending events and more.


Metropolitan Data Solutions offers a platform of ID and security solutions for local, state, and federal agencies, including emergency response personnel accountability and asset tracking systems


Metropolitan Data Solutions offers a complete line of identification and security solutions including Positive Patient ID, Wristband and Labeling Systems, Visitor Manager Management, Access Control and Video Surveillance


Metropolitan Data Solutions offers a wide range of solutions including employee identification solutions, access control and visitor management systems to help create a safe environment.

Protect with Access Control

A Higher Level of Security

Everyone entering your facility must be identified and properly accounted for, including any and all visitors

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Identify and Track

Easily identify and accurately track on-site personnel

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Secure Personalized Access Cards

Employ an Efficient and Secure ID Card Issuance and Management Program to maintain effective building security by issuing identification cards to those authorized to be on your property

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