Employee ID Cards

Issue high-quality employee photo ID cards through Metropolitan Data Solutions. Lower your facility the ability to create secure and durable employee badges.

Use as a tool for visual identification of your employees with options to use for access control and time & attendance.

Create a successful ID card program through our top of the line solutions, supplies and accessories.  From simple cards to complex tracking and access control cards, Metropolitan Data Solutions has you covered.  These long lasting systems along with our on-site installation and great customer service can be a huge win for you and your company.

No matter what industry your company is in, there is a need for security and employee identification.  Build your brand by including your company logo on the card and make it stand out from other boring employee ID cards.  Stop the trend of forcing your staff to wear cards they don’t like and create one that will make your employees proud to wear.MDS provides central coordination to assure successful implementation.

Features Available for Employee ID Cards:

  • Access Control – Control access to certain parts of your building, parking structures or restricted areas through bar codes, magnetic stripe, RFID and smart card area
  • Time and Attendance – Track your employee’s time and attendance through their employee ID card
  • High-End Security – Make it impossible to replicate your card through UV printing, security laminates and patterns, holographic printing, microprinting, optical variable devices and kinetic/guilloche patterns

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