Emergency Management

When it does you want to make sure that your emergency management system is effective.  Metropolitan Data Solutions can help you successfully manage emergency’s through photo ID, accountability and first responder solutions.

We can help you track everyone on the scene including personnel, responders, volunteers and assets.  Time is very valuable when you have such an important situation to respond to and we can help you save time and focus on the importance of the situation.

Salamander’s Solution has multiple parts but three MAIN components:

Track – Incident Management

Report – Resource Management

Tag – Identity Management

Keep responders as well as civilians safe through accurately tracking the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the situation.  Successful disaster management is a phone call away with our NIMS compatible systems.

Tag, track and report with an emergency management system which accounts and verifies all personnel and responders and can create a heightened situational awareness at an incident.  Take personnel accountability to a new level with a simple and scalable system.

Brief overview of all the capabilities of Salamander here

Photo ID software for agency IDs – Qualification & Certification Management. More information here

Tracking ability for patients and evacuees – Machine Readable: QR, Barcode, RFID, Smart Card, Wristbands. More here

Field software for event specific IDs – Machine Readable: QR, Barcode, RFID, Smart Card

Personal Identity Verification of FIPS102/PIV-I Smart Cards – FIPS 201 and TWIC ICE approved

Laptop based ICS tracking – Real time accountability for people and equipment

Web based data sharing for off-scene facilities or agencies – Access to incident reports in real time and post incident

Consolidates data from all salamander solutions – Tracks all responders, patients, equipment, civilians and more

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Handheld unit captures data from ID badges – Real time accountability for people and equipment

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